Friday, April 30, 2010

S k y T o o H i g h---ep.16--Half way there, Benchmark.

In Itc essentials we are discussing smart phones and their uses for school. I think this is an honorable idea worth thought and discussion but I'm against it personally. The main reason i'm against it is because though children say they will their phones for school work, how many of them actually will?  There are many pluses for its use but there are also many minuses.

In a full class of high school students, a teacher just finished posting an assiment online for student to complete during class time. Even though the assisment was given, and students are online on their phones, how many of them will be doing the work.? It's easy to distract the teenage mind with things like facebook, and viral videos online.

In Itc essentials we are discussing smart phones. I think it's a good idea but personally I believe they shouldn't use the in school because kids wont do the work.

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